D'arc Hoshino
星埜(ほしの) ダルク
Hoshino Daruku
Gender 15px 男の娘 Otoko no ko, Male to female transgender
Status Alive
Light Novel Nanana's Buried Treasure 1
Anime Disowned and Exiled (unnamed)

Kana Hanazawa

Appearance Edit

Daruku has dark skin and partially tied-back umber hair with golden eyes. She is usually shown wearing the Nanae Island Third High School girls' uniform, the rest of the time she is shown dressed in a maid costume.


Hoshino is primarily shy and optimistic. She seems to have an attraction towards Tensai Ikkyū , which has not been completely proven, but is implied. She also appears to be a bit of a crybaby at times.


The anime makes a point of introducing her as an "男の娘" otoko no ko, [1] . Though biologically male Daruku is always addressed as a female[2]. Though born male, and honest about it, she is treated as a girl by the majority of the cast. Jūgo initially discovered her biological sex by flipping up her skirt, revealing the legs of her boxer-briefs.[2] In the light novel the anime is based on she had a full medical sex change by senior year.


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