D'arc Hoshino
星埜(ほしの) ダルク
Hoshino Daruku
Gender 15px 男の娘 Otoko no ko. Male.
Status Alive
Light Novel Nanana's Buried Treasure 1
Anime Disowned and Exiled (unnamed)

Kana Hanazawa (Japanese)
Erica Mendez (English)

Appearance Edit

D'arc has dark skin and partially tied-back umber hair with golden eyes. He is usually shown wearing the Nanae Island Third High School girls' uniform, the rest of the time in a maid costume. He is never seen wearing male clothes. On page 150-152 of "Tensai's Reluctant Deduction (壱級天災の極めて不本意な名推理)" an illusion of future of D'arc and Tensai are shown.


D'arc is primarily shy and optimistic. He seems to have an attraction towards Tensai Ikkyū, which has not been completely proven, but is implied. He appears to be a bit of a crybaby at times.


The anime makes a point of introducing Daruku as an "男の娘" otoko no ko.[1] Though born male, and honest about it, D'arc is treated as a girl by the majority of the cast. Jūgo initially discovered D'arc's biological sex by flipping up the skirt, revealing the legs of his boxer-briefs.[2]


  • D'arc origin was of the spirit accidentally summoned by Tensai from "Magic Lamp", one of Nanana Collection.
  • After some twist and turn D'arc started crossdressing and wearing the maid outfit.
  • D'arc and Tensai meet sometime before the main story begins. D'arc is somewhat attracted to Tensai but never takes any action.
  • The main story shown in the anime and novel begin.
  • In final volume, after granting Tensai's wish D'arc went back to the magic lamp leaving the empty maid clothes behind. Only to be summoned again soon after.
  • In Tensai's Reluctant Deduction we see a side story featuring D'arc, Tensai, and a few new characters. One of which is a girl who is into D'arc. D'arc does not return the affection.[3]

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