Hiyo Ikusaba
戦場 緋夜
Ikusaba Hiiyo
Age probably 20
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Anime Episode 8

Tomokazu Sugita

Hīyo Ikusaba is the former Vice-president of the first generation adventure club. He serve as the main antagonist of the Anime.


He believes might makes right, and will threat, use brute force, or even sacrificing the others to get what he wants. The first generation of Adventure club is almost disbanded when he used a female member as sacrifice to get a Nanana Collection, causing her physically crippling, and left the club with the collection.


He is also the previous resident of Nanana's room, but was kicked out as he rarely stayed and often left Nanana alone. Not so surprisingly, he refuses to pay back his late rent.

He came into conflict with the present Adventure club when he threatens Saki as she knows the clue about the treasure, the club fought against him inside the treasure room, while he held off the group and fled, he was later intercepted by Matsuri members, under Jūgo Yama's command. 

Nanana Collections Edit

His Nanana Collections are a bell that can summon cloud and rain, a pair of shoes that can dive into shadows, and a ring that can give strong mental orders to the others.


  • He continually refuses to pay his rent to his old apartment.
  • It is unknown why he was captured at the end of the series and what became of him afterwards.
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