Kagetora Tsurezure
徒然 影虎
Tsurezure Kagetora
Age 18
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Light Novel Volume 1
Anime Episode 6

Yuuki Hayashi

Kagetora Tsurezure is a third year member of Adventure Club who masters in intelligence, he serves as somewhat of a henchman to Isshin. Although he is first seen in episode 4, he is offcially introduced in episode 6.


He is very tall & slim young man, he usually wears the standard school uniform.

Kagetora has combed back jet-black hair and narrow eyes.


Kagetora hardly shows emotion, always being monotonous in his speech.

He is somewhat of a pervert, as he doesn’t hesitate to discuss any lewd item. He also seems to have an interest in Daruku, either not knowing, or not caring, about their gender.

Like Yū Ibara, he is loyal to Isshin Yuiga but he is not overly obsessed around him like her.


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