Nanana's Buried Treasure 7
Ranobe 7
Type Light Novel
ISBN ISBN 978-4-04-729520-9
Release Date March 29, 2014
Publisher KADOKAWA / Enterbrain
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The seventh volume of Nanana's Buried Treasure (龍ヶ嬢七々々の埋蔵金 Ryūgajō Nanana no Maizōkin?, lit. "Nanana Ryūgajō's Buried Treasure") will be released on March 29, 2014. The release was divided into two editions, the regular one and the Special Edition includes a drama CD.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Regular EditionEdit

Congratulations for the TV anime adaptation! Climax of the super-battle royale is burgeoning!!

The survivors of the 《Game》 has been squeezed to nine persons. The next stage is an intellect battle in pair and trio. There are me and Tetsu-kun and the mysterious lady―Ageha, then suddenly she said "be my servants," wasn't it the way too free!? Anyway, how should I anticipate Yukihime-nē-san who is wary of [M]'s plot, Hardt, the battlefield, and the formidable Tensai's companion――while thinking that, Batako-san came trespassed us――!! Additionally, where is that girl……!? Side deals, trap of betrayal vortex, and ploys are sharpening their fangs!! The super-battle royale is burgeoning!! [1]

Special EditionEdit

The Special Edition presents drama CD of Kazuma Ōtorino's newly written scenario!

Tensai and D'arc came to play in Jūgo and Nanana's room. That daze was dim with dinner. A bottle of pepper D'arc bought was actually a fairy of Nanana Collection, if someone eat its cooking, they could cast magic! At the end, there's no choice but to eat the cooking. Then they plainly end their words with "meow," but it's a matter of life and death, then a meeting of desperation begun!! A story of common(?) daze newly written scenario by Kazuma Ōtorino, meow!


  1. Before the Second Stage ~Those Who did Unexpected Progressions and Unexpected Connection~
  2. Right Before the Second Stage ~Exciting Love Attack~
  3. ...





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