Shining Lie Detector
Nanana's Buried Treasure - 02 00.32
Kirakira Uso Hakken-ki
Shape Oval shaped jewel
First Appearance
Light Novel Nanana's Buried Treasure Light Novel Volume 1
Anime Nanana's Buried Treasure Episode 2
Shining Lie Detector (キラキラ嘘発見器 Kirakira Uso Hakken-ki?) or officially named The Eye of Yuguthos (ユーグトスの隻眼 Yūgutosu no Sekigan?) is the crystal which has an ability to detect lies. This is the first collection Jūgo found.


The collection appears as a smooth, round crystal with colors of blue making it appears like an eye.


The ability of the crystal is shown through looking through it. If a person telling you is a lie there will be a presence of dark aura around the liar, if not lying there will be nothing around the person.







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