Yū Ibara
Nanana's Buried Treasure - 01 01.58
茨 夕
Ibara Yū
Age 18
Gender Female Female
Status Alive
Anime Episode 1

Eri Suzuki

Yū Ibara (茨 夕 Ibara Yū?) is the vice president of Nanae Island Third High School's Adventure Club.


She is a teenage girl who has a slim body and short brown hair. She wears two hair pins that makes it look like devil horns.

Jūgo considers her to be very attractive, as he was mesmerized by her beauty in a maid outfit until he saw her attitude.


While she gives off the impression of being kind, in truth she has a rather loud and rude personality towards others. The only exception is to her crush Isshin Yuiga.

She highly respects Isshin and will often punish those who disobeys him and her actions, showing that she loves him. She also gets jealous whenever other women show interest in him.




Isshin YuigaEdit

Isshin is Yū's fellow club member and her crush. She tries to ensure that he is respected by others, even beating them to a pulp for smallest display. But he doesn't show the slightest show of feelings towards her. It's probably one-sided, since he shows interest in other girls even while in her presence, much to her ire.

Character Art DesignsEdit


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