Yukihime Fugi
Yukihime holding the jewel
不義 雪姫
Fugi Yukihime
Age 20’s
Gender Female Female
Status Alive
Light Novel Volume 1
Anime Episode 1

Yukihime Fugi (不義 雪姫 Fugi Yukihime?) is a member of the Phantom Troupe «Matsuri»


Yukihime is a young woman of average height who has long black hair and sharp blue eyes. She normally wears black clothing paired with grey pants. Both Jūgo Yama and Shū Todomatsu consider her to be highly attractive.

She has also been seen wearing a black stealth suit when on missions.


She normally shows a blank but strict personality, although in reality she is kind, defending Jūgo Yama even when he gave her fake treasure.

She has a shy side, as she blushes when complimented by Jūgo.


It can be said that she is Jugo's childhood friend She used to call him young master. At a very early age they made a promise to each other.


Jūgo YamaEdit

At first, Yukihime respected Jūgo as the leader of «Matsuri»'s son and helped in his training. After Jūgo declined to return to «Matsuri», Yukihime pretended not to know him when competing for Nanana's Collection. However, she actually trusted him and even covered for him when he gave a her a fake copy of one the treasure from the collection.

She is apparently his first love, with it being hinted that Yukihime loves him as well, though she felt that her feelings were betrayed once Jugo left Matsuri group. She has shown embarrassment when discussing her feelings to Jugo and very jealous when seeing him with another girl.


  • "Yukihime" means "snow princess."
  • She has been single all her life.
  • Her hairstyle resembles Sonoda Umi from Love Live! School Idol Project.


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